How to Boost Your Internet Speed

Table of Contents

How to Boost Your Internet Speed:

  1. Check and Replace Cables:
    • Ensure solid and clean connections.
    • Replace old or damaged cables.
    • Keep cables short for optimal performance.
  2. Quality Filters:
    • Use high-quality filters to prevent speed drops.
    • Avoid low-quality or unreliable filters.
  3. Bandwidth Test:
    • Complete a free online bandwidth test.
    • Determine current download and upload speeds.
  4. Firewall Software:
    • Install GlassWire’s firewall software for monitoring.
    • Protect privacy by detecting and blocking suspicious activity.
  5. Remove Unnecessary Programs:
    • Uninstall unused programs to free up bandwidth.
    • Prevent background programs from using internet resources.
  6. Secure Wireless Internet:
    • Use password-protected WiFi to prevent unauthorized access.
    • Change default router settings for added security.
  7. Optimize WiFi Channel:
    • Avoid interference by changing WiFi channels.
    • Use tools like inSSIDer, WiFi Scanner, or Wifi Analyzer to find less crowded channels.
  8. Optimal Router Placement:
    • Position router high and centrally for better coverage.
    • Avoid placing it in closed spaces like cupboards.
  9. Turn Off Unused Devices:
    • Power off internet-connected devices when not in use.
    • Use devices with auto turn-off features.
  10. Consider Internet Plan Upgrade:
    • Contact service provider for a higher bandwidth plan.
    • Test a trial period before committing to an upgrade.
  11. Use Good DNS:
    • Switch to Google Public DNS or OpenDNS for faster browsing.
    • Improve web browsing experience and security.