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Makani Ravello Harrelson: The Inspiring Journey of a Young Filmmaker


Makani Ravello Harrelson is a young filmmaker who has made a name for herself in the industry with her unique voice, creative vision, and inspiring journey. Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, Harrelson has persevered, creating powerful stories that resonate with audiences around the world. This article explores Harrelson’s life, career, and contributions to the film industry, highlighting her inspiring journey and impact on the world of filmmaking.

Early Life and Education:

Makani Ravello Harrelson was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1995. She grew up in a creative and artistic environment, surrounded by music, dance, and theater. Harrelson’s parents were both musicians, and she was exposed to a wide range of musical genres from an early age. This upbringing instilled in her a love for the arts and a desire to express herself creatively. Harrelson attended Punahou School, where she developed her skills in writing, storytelling, and filmmaking.

Career and Contributions:

After graduating from high school, Makani Ravello Harrelson attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied film and television production. Her time at NYU was transformative, as she honed her craft and developed her unique voice as a filmmaker. Harrelson’s senior thesis film, “Between Us,” was selected for screening at numerous film festivals, including the Cannes Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival.

Following her graduation, Harrelson began her career in the film industry, working as a production assistant on various film sets. She gained valuable experience working on independent films and television shows, learning the ins and outs of film production and collaborating with other talented artists and filmmakers.

In 2020, Makani Ravello Harrelson made her directorial debut with the short film, “Golden,” which premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival. The film tells the story of a young girl who discovers her love for filmmaking while grappling with her father’s death. “Golden” received critical acclaim for its poignant storytelling, beautiful cinematography, and powerful performances.

Harrelson’s work as a filmmaker has been characterized by her commitment to telling stories that are both authentic and inspiring. Her films explore themes of identity, loss, and self-discovery, drawing on her own experiences as a young woman and an artist. Through her work, Harrelson has inspired countless young people to pursue their dreams and tell their own stories.


Makani Ravello Harrelson is a rising star in the film industry, whose inspiring journey and creative vision have made her a role model for young filmmakers around the world. Her dedication to telling powerful and authentic stories, her commitment to diversity and inclusion, and her perseverance in the face of challenges and setbacks are all testaments to her talent and character. As she continues to create and share her work with the world, Harrelson’s impact on the film industry and beyond will undoubtedly continue to grow.

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