Meet Emma Heming Willis: A Model, Actress, and Entrepreneur

Emma Heming Willis is a British model, actress, and entrepreneur who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Born on June 18, 1978, in Malta, Emma has had a successful career in modeling, acting, and business.

Early Life and Career

Emma grew up in London and began modeling at the age of 16. She quickly gained success as a model, working for high-profile fashion brands like Christian Dior, Chanel, and Victoria’s Secret. In addition to her modeling career, Emma also began acting and appeared in films such as Perfect Stranger and The Comebacks.


In 2016, Emma launched her own beauty brand, CocoBaba, which offers a range of natural and organic beauty products for mothers and babies. The brand was inspired by Emma’s own experience as a mother and the lack of natural and organic products available in the market.

Acting Career

Emma has continued to pursue her passion for acting, appearing in several films and television shows. She has worked with notable directors such as George Clooney, appearing in his films Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and Perfect Stranger.

Personal Life

Emma is married to actor Bruce Willis, and the couple has two daughters together. She is also stepmother to Bruce’s three daughters from his previous marriage to Demi Moore.


Emma Heming Willis has had a successful career as a model, actress, and entrepreneur. Her passion for natural and organic products led her to start her own beauty brand, CocoBaba. Her work in the entertainment industry has also been impressive, working alongside renowned directors and appearing in high-profile films and television shows. With her dedication and hard work, Emma has become a respected figure in the industry, and her achievements serve as an inspiration to many.

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