What’s the Purpose of Testing My Internet?

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Testing my internet speed serves two essential purposes. Firstly, it allows me to verify whether I’m receiving the internet speeds promised by my service provider. Secondly, it helps me align my expectations regarding the types of applications I can smoothly run on my network, such as online games or video calls.

Determining Your Internet Speed

Understanding the speed of your internet is crucial, and it’s essential to recognize that different activities require varying internet speeds. Both download and upload speeds play a role in what’s achievable. When conducting an internet speed test, it’s vital to contextualize the question, “How fast is my internet?” This inquiry finds its answer in relation to the intended use of the connection.

For basic web browsing, lower single-digit megabit per second speeds may suffice. However, streaming Netflix in 4K resolution demands a minimum connection speed of 25Mbps. Online gaming is primarily influenced by ping, where a lower ping is preferable. On the other hand, tasks like uploading large videos to YouTube are primarily constrained by upload bandwidth. For swift downloads, especially of sizable files, aiming for a download speed with a transfer rate of at least 10Mbps is advisable.